The Beechgrove Garden ep.25 2016

Leaves are falling in the Beechgrove Garden but that's not necessarily a bad thing as Jim uses them to make lovely leaf mould. He also shows the steamy secrets of his new hot box composter.

Carole makes her last visit to Mieke and family in rural Aberdeenshire where they are gardening on a budget and this week they learn how to shred material to make economical but pretty paths.

Jim knows very well that gardening is good for you but this week it's especially so as he marks the 10th anniversary of Trellis, which is designed to support therapeutic gardening as he visits a really restorative nursery and garden, Solstice, in Banchory-Devenick.

Welcome to the Beechgrove Garden for an autumnal penultimate programme as days are shorter and we have already seen some ground frosts in our area. Across the country these first frost dates can vary by up to two months - for example gardens in the glens of the Highlands may have been experiencing these since the end of September but in Blackpool these don’t happen normally for another month. The Scilly isles, Cornwall West Wales and the smaller Scottish islands may not experience these conditions till December.
A month ago Jim repeated a little exercise we did last year in the polytunnel – planting overwintering veg for harvest in late winter and spring next year. They did very well last year but last winter was quite mild at Beechgrove.
The Pak choi did particularly well, so this year again we have a range of vegetable plants which
have been planted both in the polytunnel and in raised beds outside to see how they do.
The varieties included brassicas such as red cabbage and kale as well as leeks and chard. What progress they have made in the last month, because of the cover over the top of them which is a giant cloche acting as a giant umbrella to allow us to grow them as hard as we possibly can. For those who don’t have a tunnel they can be grown outside as they are sold as hardy, but they should be protected against pigeons and rabbits by fleece. Do remember to put slug bait down and water well.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.25 2016
The Beechgrove Garden ep.25 2016