Gardening Australia ep.23 2016

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation.

1. Yellow Swamp Orchid
Jerry demonstrates a simple and gentle way of propagating the Yellow Swamp Orchid
2. Anna's Garden
Sophie meets a gardener in the Adelaide Hills whose Greek heritage is reflected in her colourful and eclectic Mediterranean-style garden
3. Outsmarting Slaters
Josh shares a great tip on how to get the upper hand on slaters
4. A Likin' for Lichen
Coinciding with Science Week, Costa explores a unique garden the Australian Botanic Garden in Mt Annan that showcases the amazing world of lichen
5. Daylily
Tino shows how there is more to the daylily than just good looks
6. Art of Glass
Tino has a great DIY project to create a beautiful glass cloche to protect vulnerable seedlings
7. FAQs - Attracting Bees | Suckering Trees | Planting Strawberries
Jane gives a tip on how to attract bees to the garden, Josh shows what to do when trees shoot from the trunk base and Tino talks about when to plant strawberries
8. Magic in the Mangroves
Jerry meets an everyday lover of nature who has discovered the existence of a new species of mangrove in Far North Queensland
Gardening Australia ep.23 2016
Gardening Australia ep.23 2016