Gardening Australia ep.24 2016

Love Your Lawn
Tino gives his lawn some winter love to ensure that it rockets off at the first sign of warm weather
Hardwood Cuttings
Jane shows how to propagate hydrangeas from cuttings
Jerry explains why a cycad has a strange growth
South African Style
John meets a South African garden designer to talk about her work, and compare the two countries' plants and landscapes
Dwarf Feather Grass
Tino profiles one of his favourite ornamental grasses
Life in the Hills
Josh visits a couple who have transformed a bush block in the Perth hills with a diversity of plants
Hello Aloe
Sophie explores the Adelaide Botanic Garden's collection of diverse and tough aloes
Cut the Camellias
Costa gets stuck into pruning two overgrown camellias that each need a different approach

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Gardening Australia ep.24 2016
Gardening Australia ep.24 2016