Gardening Australia ep.31 2017

Costa discovers a city oasis; Jane visits a spectacular garden in a harsh climate; Tino is planting natives in The Patch and Sophie visits a gardener raising endangered species in his back garden.

1. Wipeout Wasp

Jerry tells us about the cabbage white butterfly parasite

2. A Hidden Gem

Costa discovers a vibrant oasis filled with lush trees and leafy understorey created from a road closure in inner Sydney

3. What's Your Poison

Millie talks about poisonous plants

4. A Passion for Propagation

Sophie gets native plant advice from a conservationist who propagates endangered species in his back garden

5. A Lush Oasis

Jane meets a gardener who has created a spectacular plant-filled garden in an unforgiving, inland climate

6. Tassie Tucker

Tino supplements the seasonal offerings at the patch by planting a range of true-blue edible Tassie plants