Gardening Australia ep.32 2017

Jane visits a gardening club that works with the local primary school; Jerry explores the wonderful world of euphorbias; Millie finds out how to raise the perfect seedling and we meet a nurseryman who restores wetlands.

1. Euphorbia Euphoria

Jerry explores the exciting world of euphorbias, a family that includes plants of all sorts of shapes and sizes

2. Plant Profile - Kalbarri beaufortia

Discover this native beauty from WA

3. Pot Size Matters

Costa shows why it's important to pick the right sized pot for your plant

4. Growing Together

Jane visits a long-running gardening club that works with students at the local primary school

5. FAQs - Secateurs | Aged Manure | Composting wood ash

The Gardening Australia presenters answer your frequently asked gardening questions

6. Bringing up Babies

Millie visits an historical nursery to find out what it takes to raise the perfect seedling.

Gardening Australia ep.32 2017
Gardening Australia ep.32 2017