Gardening Australia ep.14 2016

It's the first week of winter! Costa shows how to keep backyard chooks happy; Jane visits a stunning Victorian garden; Tino shows winter weeding strategies and Sophie preps plants for frosty weather.

FAQs - Feeding Lawns | Gardenia | Watering in Winter
Josh explains when we should fertilise our lawns; Jerry answers a common question about gardenias and Tino tells us whether or not we should water our lawn in winter
Frost Protection
Sophie shows how to get plants ready to survive the onset of Jack Frost, preparing, protecting and preening her most vulnerable plants
An Achievement of a Lifetime
Jane visits a stunning garden in Victoria that is a triumph of colour and design, complete with a generous helping of rare and unusual plants
The Garden Gang
Find out what to do in your garden this weekend from the Garden Gang
Winter Weeding
Tino has some great strategies for staying on top of winter weeds, including one method that's sure to get your fire burning!
Keeping the Girls Happy
Costa shows how to keep backyard chooks happy and healthy, feathering their nests so they stay comfortable no matter how cold the weather gets
My Garden Path - Pino Narduzzo
We meet Pino Narduzzo and family, purveyors of Melbourne's finest produce for over 50 years
Gardening Australia ep.14 2016
Gardening Australia ep.14 2016