The Beechgrove Garden ep.16 2016

Jim brings us up to date on how the crops in the veg plot are doing, whilst Carole checks up on the progress of more tender veg inside.

Chris battles with the bog garden at Beechgrove, replanting this previously overgrown area with wet soil loving plants. At North Kessock, just north of Inverness overlooking the Moray Firth, Carole marvels at a virtually vertical rock face lying on bedrock, which David and Penny Veitch have transformed over almost 30 years into a haven for alpines and scree plants.

Thank goodness for a decent day weather wise at Beechgrove this week.  Jim, Carole and George were looking at the flower scatter seed mixes.  Last year there was a colourful display provided by
a commercially available scatter mix – which was sown over the whole bed in successive months over the season. The results inspired each of the presenting team to create their own scatter mixes this year.  They each chose 6 seed varieties (see below) and these were sown onto 6 individual plots including the control in mid - May (Programme 7).  There have been mixed results in the plots but
each of the plots had been invaded by an extremely invasive weed – spurge.Brian’s plot looked
a little sad with very little flowerother than the spurge. Carole’s plot was not supposed to have any pink flowers in it.However she thought that Silene from last year’s mix had overwintered and germinated in her plot and a couple of the other species toodue to the wet weather this year.
Jim’s had a Scottish theme with lots of blues and whites in it.
The Control was Miracle-Gro 1kg Flower Magic Flower Seeds with Feed and Coir Mix Jug
Seed mixes
Jim –
Agrostemma, Echium ‘Blue
Bedder’, Linaria ‘Fairy Bouquet’, Reneta
odorata (Mignonette), Papaver rhoeas,
Nemophila ‘Baby Blue Eyes’
Brian –
Zinnia elegans ‘Benary’s Giant
Lime’, Verbena bonariensis, Nigella
papillose ‘African Bride’, Antheum
Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’,
Pennisetum rippelanium.
Chris –unidentified secret mix
Poppy ‘Ladybird’, Eschscholzia
‘Golden Values’, Gypsophila ‘Monarch
White’, Lagunis ovatus, Limnanthes
douglasii, Lineria ‘Flamenco’.
George –
‘Sunset’, Larkspur ajacis ‘Sublime Mixed,
Amberboa muricata, Calendula ‘Citrus
Cocktail’, Californian Poppy ‘Sun
Shades’, Bupleunum rotundifolium ‘
Green Gold’

The Beechgrove Garden ep.16 2016
The Beechgrove Garden ep.16 2016