Gardening Australia ep.15 2016

Costa visits a historic garden in the Blue Mountains National Park; Josh checks out a compost making facility; Angus offers native alternatives to exotic favourites and Jerry visits an orchid grower.

Road to Ribbons
Jerry visits the president of the Eastern District Orchid Society. Tensions are high during preparation for their annual autumn show
Rose Relocation
Jane shows how to move a rose from the ground into a pot
Native Alternatives
Angus recommends reliable native plant favourites that can be used instead of similar exotics
A Sleeping Beauty
Costa visits an historic hilltop garden, set within the Blue Mountains National Park, and meets the designer who is lovingly bringing it back to life
FAQs - Crocks | Staghorns | Blackbirds
John answers the age-old question of whether to use crocks, Jerry discusses why people put banana skins in staghorns and Tino shows how to dissuade blackbirds from eating your seedlings
Big Compost
Josh checks out a massive commercial operation that's transforming food waste into compost, potting mix, power and plants

Gardening Australia ep.15 2016
Gardening Australia ep.15 2016