Gardening Australia ep.28 2016

Jane visits Melbourne Zoo's butterfly house; Costa explores a quirky garden; Angus explains how to establish plants and Tino gets inspired by small-scale farming.

1. Bountiful Butterflies
Jane visits Melbourne Zoo's butterfly house and discovers how important plants are in their lifecycle
2. The Right Start
Angus explains the best methods for establishing new plants
3. Wulfen Spurge
Sophie profiles the popular euphorbia Wulfen Spurge
4. FAQs - Picking Pears | Ginger | Organic Slug Control
Jerry talks about growing greengrocer ginger, Josh explains the best time to pick pears and Jane offers ideas for slug and snail control
5. Bits & Bob's
Costa visits a quirky collector's garden that's packed to the rafters with bric-a-brac, antiques, tools, and of course, plants
6. Garlic Flowers
Tino shares a tip for using garlic flowers
7. Living the Dream
Tino gets inspired by a horticulturist-turned-farmer who offers tips on how to make a good living from small scale farming
8. Pricking Out
Jerry shows how to prick out seedlings

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Gardening Australia ep.28 2016
Gardening Australia ep.28 2016