Gardening Australia ep.23 2017

Jane visits a chestnut grove in the Victorian high country; Costa shows us some winter-flowering natives; Tino prunes some fruit trees and Jerry propagates some unusual edible perennial plants.

1. Cooking Chestnuts
Jane learns how to make chestnut flour
2. Why is pH so Important?
Millie checks the pH of her soil and shows why it is such an important test to do
3. Nuts about Nuts
Jane visits a beautiful chestnut and hazelnut grove in Victoria's high country
4. FAQs - Daffodils | Feeding Lemon Trees | Persimmon
Josh, Sophie and Tino answer some frequently asked gardening questions
5. Local Colour
Costa takes a look at an impressive array of winter flowering natives
6. Edible Perennials
Jerry propagates some of his unusual food plants
7. Pruning Fruit Trees
Tino shows us how to prune a pomegranate, a youngberry and a quince tree

Gardening Australia ep.23 2017
Gardening Australia ep.23 2017