Gardening Australia ep.24 2017

Costa visits a scientist with an experimental garden; Tino helps out at an olive grove; guest presenter Carolyn explores the materials available for creating a garden & Millie salvages some second-hand plants.

1. Plant Profile - Bell-fruited Mallee
This beautiful native can fit in even the smallest of gardens!
2. Pruning Olives
Tino shows how to prune an olive tree to maximise yield
3. Sticks and Stones
Guest presenter Carolyn Blackman explores the materials available for creating gardens
4. Olives Galore
Tino helps out an olive growing couple with their harvest in beautiful northern Tasmania
5. The Backyard Laboratory
Costa is in Canberra to visit a scientist whose research into water and productive gardening is changing the world
6. The Sacrificial Plant
Jerry Coleby-Williams shows us a novel method of pest control
7. Stripping the Garden
Millie shows us how to move plants successfully whilst helping a friend renovate their garden.

Gardening Australia ep.24 2017
Gardening Australia ep.24 2017