Gardening Australia ep.26 2017

Jerry visits a wildlife-friendly garden; guest presenter Carolyn explores a small garden that is big on ideas; Costa plants an edible hedge and Millie and Squid go hunting for truffles.

1. Pretty and Productive
Costa helps a family plant an attractive blueberry hedge fringed with strawberries
2. Underground Riches
Millie and Squid go hunting for the delicious and valuable underground fungus, the black truffle
3. A Great Little Spot
Josh profiles two hard-wearing water-wise plants
4. All Creatures Great and Small
Jerry visits a wildlife-friendly garden in the Brisbane suburbs designed with the resident wild and domestic animals in mind
5. Small Spaces, Big Ideas
Guest presenter Carolyn explores a small urban garden that’s full of great ideas for how to make small spaces seem larger
6. FAQs - Grafted Trees | Orange Peel in Compost | Lime and Manure
Answers to frequently asked gardening questions

Gardening Australia ep.26 2017
Gardening Australia ep.26 2017