Gardening Australia ep.17 2016

Josh revists a Gardener of the Year; Tino conducts a strawberry experiment; Costa shows how to encourage worms; and Angus profiles native limes.

Gardener of the Year
Calling all passionate gardeners!
Native Citrus
Angus profiles different varieties of Australian native limes and explains how to grow them
Free-Range Worms
Costa shows a unique way of encouraging composting worms into the garden
Still Growing
Josh revisits Gardening Australia's 2007 Gardener of the Year to see how her garden and focus have developed over the years
Strawberry Experiment
Tino conducts an experiment to find out the best way to clean up strawberry plants to ensure a bumper crop
Liquorice Plant
Jerry profiles the fascinating Liquorice plant
My Garden Path - Phoebe Everill
We meet a furniture maker who's as passionate about her work as she is the trees used in her creations
Deadheading Cyclamen
Jane shows how to deadhead a cyclamen
Gardening Australia ep.17 2016
Gardening Australia ep.17 2016