Gardening Australia ep.19 2016

Tino visits a colourful garden, Sophie gets stuck into pruning, Costa visits an award winning garden, Angus profiles native groundcovers and we meet a botanical photographic artist.

Get the Lowdown
Angus profiles a number of hardy native plants that are perfect groundcovers
Rejuvenating Potting Mix
Josh shows how to put life back into potting mix
A Colourful Character
Tino visits a large garden northwest of Hobart that's designed to be bursting with colour and interest throughout the year
Just Prune It!
Sophie gets stuck into vigorous pruning of a number of shrubs in her garden
A Winning Garden
Costa explores a suburban garden overflowing with greenery that won a local council award for best native garden
A Problem Plant
Jerry explains why he won't grow blackberry nightshade
My Garden Path - Renata Buziak
Artist Renata Buziak shows us how she creates works of art from decaying plants
Gardening Australia ep.19 2016
Gardening Australia ep.19 2016