The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2016

In the Beechgrove Garden Jim is in the veggie plot still managing to crop late veg and it's also hedge cutting time of year and Jim sets about the conifer hedge and the pleached lime.

Carole is with Mieke Guijt and family in rural Aberdeenshire helping her once again to garden on a budget. This week Carole encourages Mieke to lift and divide plants from friend's gardens and in this case, the friends are Beechgrove.
Continuing the budget theme, Carole then visits Mari Reid in Ardersier, whose whole garden is full of money-saving ideas while still managing to be penny-pinching pretty.

On a blue sky autumn day, Jim and Carole were admiring the late flowering Hydrangea which
Carole thought looked like raspberry ripple ice-cream.
It is called Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’.Moving into the Vegetable plot there was lots of
lovely veg to admire there.The chard was looking good in different colors. The courgettes and marrows were also continuing to crop well.
The runner beans were still cropping like mad and bonus of different colour flowers.
Moving onto the tattie patch, Jim was keen to come to a conclusion with this year’s tatties and
the blight story. He has been growing some varieties that are said to be resistant to potato blight. Jim and Carole dug up the new blight resistant variety ‘Carolus’. The shaws did show symptoms of blight but there was a decent crop underneath and that’s of course what matters. That and the taste. Amongst the other crops, they looked at the beetroot. The leaves were looking a bit scabby probably because of the dry weather recently but there was a heavy crop in the ground. The carrots were also looking good with lots of healthy foliage. These were covered to keep off the carrot fly. There were different color varieties including – ‘Yellow Bunch’, ‘Sweet Candle’ and ‘Scarlet Horn’. We have been trying growing some carrot fly resistant varieties which in order to test the resistance, had not been covered. Unfortunately there weren’t rabbit resistant and the rabbits had eaten all the tops.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2016
The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2016