The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2016

Jim, Carole and George begin a series of bulb plantings by naturalising some unusual bulbs in the new lawn.

  Chris, with advice from Jim and Carole, takes on an emotional job as the decision is made to cut down and replace the 15-year-old cryptomeria tree in Beechgrove.
Jim visits a special garden that he has been hoping to see for years, Portmore near Eddleston.
  It was a lovely sunny summer’s day with temperatures of 23°C even in the shade at Beechgrove this week. Jim, Carole and George were on the New Lawn in the Old Orchard, thinking about autumn –
specifically autumn lawn care.  It is time to feed grass now with an autumn lawn care fertilizer
which is low in nitrogen and high in potash and phosphates, which will help strong roots to
develop, and which in turn will produce heal thy leaves.
  Don't be tempted to use a spring fertilizer. These contain high levels of nitrogen, which encourages soft, sappy leaf growth that's vulnerable to disease and could be damaged by frost.
The fertilizer will have to be watered in if the sunny weather continues.  Otherwise the grass will
be burnt by the fertilizer. You can either spread the fertilizer by hand with ½ being spread horizontally and ½ being spread vertically across the lawn.  This ensures good coverage.  Or you could use a mechanized feeder which many garden centers will loan out to you if you buy the fertilizer from them
The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2016
The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2016