Gardening Australia ep.22 2017

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining gardeners around the world. Josh visits a magnificent forest; Sophie gets some rose-pruning advice from an expert; Costa helps out with some tree planting and guest presenter Carolyn Blackman shows us a garden designed for multiple uses.

1. Potting up Prickles
Millie shows us how to pot up a cactus without getting hurt
2. Principles of Pruning
Sophie gets some essential pruning advice from a young rose pruner
3. A Design for Life
Guest presenter Carolyn Blackman gives us her top tips for designing a garden for an active family
4. Walking with Giants
Josh visits a very special forest of ancient and beautiful tingle trees in WA's Walpole Wilderness Area
5. Excess Produce - Josh's Sauerkraut
We show you how to make sauerkraut from excess cabbage
6. Future Forests
Costa joins a revegetation team for National Tree Week to help restore some former farmland
7. Poor Man's Capers
Tino gives us an idea for nasturtium seed pods

Gardening Australia ep.22 2017
Gardening Australia ep.22 2017