James Martin: Home Comforts ep.7 - Prep Now Eat Later

 Chef James Martin proves that a hectic lifestyle is no bar to delicious home-cooked food with a menu of meals that can be prepared in advance. Recipes include a slow-cooked chicken chasseur and the perfect pork loinstuffed with chestnuts and sage.

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There is also a visit to former French chef Thomas Maieli, who has said goodbye to his LA lifestyle cooking for the rich and famous to pursue his personal passion - creating the very best homemade duck confit.

James Martin: Home Comforts ep.7 - Prep Now Eat Later
James Martin: Home Comforts ep.7 - Prep Now Eat Later
1. Salmon and watercress pan bagnat
- Once prepared this rustic bread stuffed with salmon, peppers, red onions and watercress pesto will keep for days. Perfect for a large picnic party.
2. Chocolate truffles with cinder toffee
- Chocolate truffles seem so indulgent, but are simple to make. Try them with cinder toffee, also known as honeycomb toffee, for a truly sweet treat.
3. Chestnut, sage and onion stuffed pork loin with dauphinoise potatoes
- Slow roasting a huge joint of pork gives you time to get on with other things while this feast prepares itself - crispy crackling, tender pork and creamy potatoes.
4. Chicken chasseur with creamy mash
- Chicken and tarragon is a winning combination of flavours. Cook up dinner for four with chicken pieces in rich sauce served with creamy mash potatoes.