Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2015

Jim and Carole are preparing for the seasons to come as they show how to overwinter a whole range of vegetables so that they will be ready for harvest early next year. Jim is also preparing plants for the winter months and shows how to put begonias to bed.

Also in the programme, Carole and George taste test Carole's spaghetti squash and her greenhouse-grown aubergines while Jim and George revel in the late fruit harvest.

Chris visits Greywalls Garden near Gullane. Built in 1901, Greywalls is a stunning example of an Edwardian arts and crafts garden. Although this is a grand garden, Chris finds planting combination lessons for all of us - but particularly appropriate for those who garden in exposed conditions.

Jim, Carole and George were in the Long Border looking at the performance of the seed scatter
mix – it has excelled despite the poor summer weather.
Carole reminded us that there have been four sowings of the mix every three weeks from the
end of April to the end of June. It was still producing a spectacular floral display and the entire team were delighted with it.The first sowing was still flowering and Jim commented on the length and succession of flowering. Different flowers had dominated throughout season starting with Californian Poppy and Silene and then Corncockle coming through later.
The mix comes ready prepared mixed with some coir and feed in a container and is sown rather
like using a watering can or ‘shake ‘n vac’.
There are 25 different varieties of annuals in the seed mix and different species will dominate in
different parts of the UK. Carole explained that this is a cheap and easy method of producing a
flower border. Jim commented that it would be good to use if you have moved to a new house in mid-summer and are not sure what to do with the garden. Next year we may create our own homemade
seed mixes and see how they perform.

Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2015
Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2015