Jamie Oliver at Home ep.8

Peppers and Chillies

With peppers and chillies on the menu, Jamie makes a delicious spicy pork goulash using a variety of ingredients from the capsicum family.

The chef goes back to his roots, literally. From his Essex kitchen and garden, Jamie Oliver shows how easy it is to grow fantastic fruit and veg, and turn them into simple, delicious food.

Jamie Oliver at Home ep.8
Jamie Oliver at Home ep.8
Jamie has chillies galore in his greenhouse, and that's good because he's addicted to the endorphin rush he gets from the hot peppers. Now he'll help you make your own mouth burn with an appetizer prepared in his outdoor oven, and two entrées, including one from a homemade smoker.
• Roasted Peppers with Chillies & Tomatoes
• Spicy Pork and Pepper Goulash – Served with Parsley Sour Cream
• Smoked Salmon with Chilli Salsa