Gardening and Horticulture 06-2015

As the weather begins to warm up, there's plenty to be getting on with in the garden. Monty Don welcomes us to Longmeadow and cracks on with some timely tasks.

Gardening and Horticulture how to's:

1. Sow lawn seed

April is an excellent time to sow grass seed. Whether you are repairing a patch or creating a new lawn, the technique is the same. Make sure the soil is smooth and even, and sow half the seed over the whole area by working in parallel rows lengthways. Then, repeat the process with the remaining seed, working in parallel rows widthways. Lightly rake to cover the majority of the seeds with soil and, in dry weather, water gently with a fine spray of water.

2. Pinch out sweet peas

If you remove the growing tips of sweet pea seedlings, you will encourage them to branch and produce more flowers. Pinch out when they are about 10cm (4in) high or if they are too long and leggy.

3. Cut back dogwood

If you grow dogwood and willow for their colourful stems in winter, now is the time to cut them back. Pruning hard encourages vigorous new growth which, in turn, will produce a better stem colour.

Gardening and Horticulture 06-2015
Gardening and Horticulture 06-2015