Gardening Australia ep.12 2016

Costa visits a productive plot; John explores a French-styled garden; Josh plants a wildflower meadow; Sophie shows off windbreak plants; and Jane checks out a cyclamen collection

Wildflowers at Home
Josh demonstrates how to create an eye-popping Australian native wildflower meadow
A Productive Paradise
Costa visits a productive plot whose enthusiastic owner lives, breathes, ferments, distils and dehydrates her garden
Foliar Feeding
Jerry shows a nifty trick for feeding plants with differing nutritional requirements that are grown together
Plants as Windbreaks
Sophie shows how a range of plants provide windbreaks around various areas of her exposed garden
Lawn-free Garden Beds
Tino demonstrates an easy method for keeping lawn out of garden beds
Charming Cyclamens
Jane checks out an enchanting collection of cyclamen and receives expert tips about how to grow them
Delicious Design
John meets a Melbourne gardener who's combined permaculture principals and a love of French garden design to create a gorgeous productive garden
The Garden Gang
Find out what to do in your garden this weekend from the Garden Gang

Gardening Australia ep.12 2016
Gardening Australia ep.12 2016