Jamie Oliver at Home ep.6

Carrots and Beets

Jamie makes the juiciest pork chop with roasted carrots and beets and makes an exciting dish with foil-roasted smoked beetroots, beef and a cottage cheese dressing.

The chef goes back to his roots, literally. From his Essex kitchen and garden, Jamie Oliver shows how easy it is to grow fantastic fruit and veg, and turn them into simple, delicious food.

Jamie Oliver at Home ep.6
Jamie Oliver at Home ep.6
Jamie shows how he uses carrots for more than salads, but he'll toss in one of those as well. 
• Roasted Carrots & Beets – Served over Roasted Pork 
• Indian Carrot Salad 
• Foil-roasted Smoked Beetroot – Served with Grilled Steak and a Cottage Cheese Sauce