Gardening Australia ep.2 2016

Jane visits a quirky and creative garden; Costa meets horticultural legend Ben Swane; Sophie gets tips on growing citrus in containers; and John Patrick explains the design elements of his own garden.

Gardening Australia ep.2 2016
Gardening Australia ep.2 2016

1. Sloping Sites
Josh gives us ideas for gardening on a sloped site2. Potted Citrus
Sophie looks at the finer points of growing citrus in containers with citrus expert Ian Tolley
3. Designed for Living
John shows us around his own garden and explains each of the elements from a design perspective
4. Quirk and Colour
Jane visits a quirky and creative garden in Melbourne's inner west
6. The Legend (and his roses)
Costa meets horticultural legend, Ben Swane, whose family has been involved in the nursery industry for almost a century
7. D.I.Y. White Oil
Jerry shows us how to make white oil
8. Bountiful Beetroot
Tino gives tips on growing beetroot - thinning out seedlings for a bumper crop