Gardening Australia ep.5 2016

1. Dazzling Dahlias
Sophie meets an Adelaide couple who inherited a dahlia collection that they cleverly incorporated into their terraced cottage-style garden
2. My Garden Path - Amy Duncan
We watch tattoo artist Amy Duncan at work as she creates a botanical work of art, and talks about her connection to plants and flowers
3. Fabulous Foliage
Jerry shows us a range of his favourite, bright and colourful tropical foliage plants
4. What a Tool!
Tino shows us his favourite gardening tool
5. FAQs - Orchid Flowers | Watering in Plants
Jane demonstrates what to do when an orchid flower dies and Josh explains why we need to water plants in
6. April Alliums
Tino shows us how to cultivate a range of awesome alliums, including spring onions, chives and garlic
7. Vaucluse House
Costa explores this 19th century Sydney mansion that is still surrounded by original gardens and woodlands

Gardening Australia ep.5 2016
Gardening Australia ep.5 2016