Gardening Australia ep.8 2016

Jane explores the new courtyard gardens at the Shrine of Remembrance; Costa meets a passionate fig farmer; Josh visits a contemporary courtyard garden and we meet an expert bromeliad grower.

Gardening Australia ep.8 2016
Gardening Australia ep.8 2016

1. A Creative Courtyard
Josh visits a gorgeous contemporary courtyard garden in south Fremantle and meets owner and landscaper Linda Green
2. A Garden to Remember
Jane visits Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance and explores four new courtyard gardens inspired by the environments in which soldiers fought
3. Plant Profile - Hosta
Tino takes a look at the Hosta - a plant that loves shade
4. Forever Figs
Costa meets a passionate Sydney farmer who's been growing figs and prickly pears for 40 years
5. The Garden Gang
Find out what the presenters have been busy doing in the garden
6. My Garden Path - Viktor Przetocki
We meet expert bromeliad grower and keen collector Viktor Przetocki whose garden is overflowing with thousands of these plants
7. Propagating Liliums
Sophie gives a tip on propagating your own liliums from bulbils
8. FAQs - Potting On | Fruiting Pineapple | When to Plant Lemons
Josh explains how to know when it's time to pot a plant on, Jerry gives tips on planting pineapple cuttings and Jane answers the question of when to plant a lemon tree
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