Gardening Australia ep.3 2016

Jane prunes native plants; Costa showcases three purple plants; Sophie visits a relaxed formal garden; Tino gets stuck into planting greens and we meet a passionate Queensland plant ecologist.
Gardening Australia ep.3 2016
Gardening Australia ep.3 2016

1. FAQ's: Stop Basil Seeding | Pruning English Box | Using Secateurs
Answers to frequently asked questions from emails, letters and Facebook
2. Pruning Natives
Jane shows us how to prune a range of native plants
3. A Mountain in Bloom
Costa visits the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mt Tomah and showcases three stunning purple plants
4. A Winning Partnership
Sophie meets two passionate garden owners in Adelaide who have created a stunning, relaxed formal style garden
5. Not Just Greens
Tino prepares garden beds with his special topsoil mix and plants silverbeet, lettuce, chicory and edible chrysanthemum
6. Soil pH
Jerry explains soil pH and how it affects plants
7. Plant Profile - Ivory Curl
Angus profiles the Australian native tree Ivory Curl