Gardening Australia ep.6 2016

Gardening Australia is an Australian lifestyle television program which suggests and promotes organic and environmentally friendly ways of gardening.

Gardening Australia ep.6 2016
Gardening Australia ep.6 2016
1. Aquatic Oasis
Angus meets a passionate biology professor who's turned an old fibreglass pool into an aquatic wonderland
2. Plant Profile - Pom Pom Tree
Sophie shares why the old fashioned Pom Pom Tree - Dais continifolia - is worth growing
3. Saving Seed
Tino shows how easy it is to save seed
4. A Life in the Garden
Jane explores a delightfully ordered garden with a ripper vegie patch in Surrey Hills, Melbourne
5. Propagating Echeveria
Jerry offers tips on propagating echeveria
6. Get Composting
Costa makes composting as easy as ABC to inspire everyone to have a go
7. Native Tidy Up
Josh spruces up his native garden by pruning, thinning and mulching
8. FAQ's - Fertilising Potted Plants | Bumpy Lemons | Mulch for Succulents
Josh tells us how often we should feed potted plants, Jane explains why lemon trees sometimes produce large, knobbly lemons and John shows us what mulch to use around succulents